Edmonton-based Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. said it has completed record length Powerwave Odyssey Custom Stimulations (POCS) on water injection wells used for reservoir pressure maintenance for National Petroleum Services (NPS) in Saudi Arabia.

Horizontal well lengths were about 915 metres (3,000 feet) and 1,220 metres (4,000 feet) with operations lasting four to seven days. Results for the 1,220 metre well are not yet available. The well was subject to previous, unsuccessful stimulations using other techniques.

For the 915 metre long horizontal interval the client reported that water injection rates more than doubled and exceeded the target rate for the well.

Formation behaviour during the POCS was consistent with other wells stimulated by Wavefront, which give the company and NPS confidence that the post-stimulation performance compared to previous attempts will exceed expectations, Wavefront said in a statement.

The company also reported that NPS deployed the first applications of the Powerwave self-adjusting nozzle (SAN) for near wellbore stimulation (up to six inches), well clean-out and scale removal. One SAN application involved removal of a 500 metre highly consolidated sand plug where other approaches failed that involved pumping a foamed gelled fluid through the SAN.

A second application was performed to clean a horizontal section from miscellaneous deposits, sediments, oil residues and clay migration obstructing fluid in-flow from the oil reservoir, resulting in an almost doubling of production from the well.

In Oman, Wavefront and its local Powerwave marketing partner, Marjan Petroleum, have recently commenced installing downhole tools in a Powerwave-driven waterflood in Oman. The previously anticipated US$500,000 Powerwave program had been delayed due to lower and volatile oil prices over the past few years. The expanded phase two Powerwave program will further evaluate the strengths of Powerwave in various reservoir settings with site-specific Powerwave downhole tools, Wavefront said.

If the second phase is successful the technology will be deemed commercial with the state-owned operating company and a five-year contract for equipment and services will be made available to Marjan and Wavefront.

“We remain confident that continued successful Powerwave outcomes will bolster Powerwave use and as a result improve overall revenue generation for Wavefront,” Brett Davidson, Wavefront president and chief executive officer, said in the statement.

Source: http://www.jwnenergy.com/article/2017/12/wavefront-completes-record-length-well-stimulations-saudi-arabia/