Our Story and Why We Do It

Working in the Oil & Gas industry for a combined of more than 25 years in various parts of the world, we have realized that Supply Chain Management in our industry has always being seen as a function to support operations. Hence, the importance of our profession is emphasized only when financial reasons are there and we’ve been asked for help. As a result, organizations see little or no value in empowering the Supply Chain management group to challenge the status quo and achieve outstanding results. 

Being passionate Supply Chain Management professionals who are enthusiastic to bring about positive and suitable change to the industry, we seek to encourage, inform and guide the Oil and Gas Industry and the practitioners within it, to embark on a continues improvement journey, learn the experiences within, as well as from other industries.

Over the years, we have identified a number of various trends and fundamental glitches that hinder taking our profession to higher levels and allowing Supply Chain professionals to grow and achieve outstanding results. 

While some of the glitches were on an individual level, others were on a system and organization level. We were able to identify what is missing and why and how these missing elements impact our day-to-day job and contribution we add to our organizations and countries.

We decided to develop an online resource that organizes massive amount of information, our expertise and passion, into a portal dedicated to Oil & Gas industry procurement & supply chain professionals in the Middle East.

The portal reflects the latest thinking in the world of Supply Chain Management, regional dynamics and peculiarities, our multidomain expertise and the nature of Oil & Gas Industry.  

Daleel is a portal that provides critical business intelligence to make the best decisions and allows exchange of knowledge that our industry needs to best met its requirements.  

  • Recall how many times you needed business and market intelligence and you had to search for it in various places and make a meaning?
  • Remember how many times you needed to access information very quickly but it did not work out?
  • Going to negotiations, but need to know what the “latest and greatest” is in this category?
  • Were you in a situation whereby the scope of work or specifications are too tight and not well thought over?
  • Are sure you get the best proposal that reflects the market trends and conditions and you are paying a fair price?
  • Do you know what drives suppliers’ costs?
  • Have you thought of how unnecessary and unrealistic risk transfer can increase the prices you get? How this can be done differently?
  • How do you know if there is a better way a to structure contract prices and rates?
  • How many times you needed to find the right contact person, but it did not work?
  • Have you heard “this the way we have always been doing it all the time”
  • Do you know where your equipment is really coming from and how it is made?
  • Difficulty to understand technical things?
  • How to be fair to your suppliers? Eventually, supplier do a job for you and addressing risk they face provides huge benefits to you
  • Getting the right supplier? Getting more suppliers and having more effective competition?
  • How can you help to develop local companies and contribute to local economy?

Does it sound familiar? This is why built this portal to help professionals do their job even better and contribution we all add to our organizations and countries, even greater. 

What you get in this portal is - Human filtered business & market intelligence that provide a meaningful snapshot relevant to your procurement requirement. We give you insights, ideas and best practices that you need to apply in your environment, having the missing piece of a puzzle.