Company overview

• Founded in 1988. > 400 employees. > 25% Exports

• Global Supplier of Machined, Turnkey and Tested Components

• 1st Company in the world to get API 20B certified including Inconel forgings

• 1st Company in India to provide forged, machined, coated, cladded components

• Fully Integrated Open and Closed Die Forging Facility with annual capacity of 21,000 Tons

• Closed Die Forging – 15,000 Tons. Single piece < 400 kgs

• Open Die Forging – 6,000 Tons. Single piece < 5000 kgs

• ISO 9000 approved Machining Components Division with Coating and Cladding facilities – over 60% machined parts

List of Products & Services

Bonnets, Adaptor ,Body, Housing, Gates ,Blank ,Seat, Square Block ,Valve Bodies, Casing Hanger ,Cross Flats, Round, Tubular, Ram Block , Shape Forgings ,Spools ,Studded Tees ,Weldneck Flang etc